SonicForces: Speed Battle

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Revealing mistake: Larger characters, like Omega and Zavok, have larger frames much bigger than the other characters. However this is not compensated for when they slide under hurtles on some maps. The width of these is only exactly one lane, but these characters are wide enough their arms extend into the surrounding lanes, so they just clip through the sides of the hurdles.

Quantom X Premium member

Bug: At random unpredictable times, when loading an ad to double your rewards, it causes the game to crash completely.

Quantom X Premium member

Bug: Whenever using any of the Babylon Rogues, the characters with the anti gravity boards, sometimes a bug occurs if you use a speed boost item while getting hit by another item or obstacle. The animation for the player spinning out on their hover board will start, and then continue in an endless loop despite you still going straight and fine until you activate another speed boost.

Quantom X Premium member

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