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3 audio problems - chronological order

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Audio problem: Rapturous Rise: Right before Magneto unleashes Rhino, he says "I see you've enjoyed playing with my pets. Let's see if you enjoy playing with this one." He is shown moving his lips with the speech, but the audio is never heard. This audio problem only occurs in Free Play mode.

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Audio problem: Red Head Detention: At the start of the boss battle, Red Skull says "I am Red Skull and you are all numb skulls." His mouth never moves as he says this.

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Audio problem: Times Square Off: When Doctor Octopus says "Victory is now within my reach", his mouth is wide open and his lips don't move.

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Plot hole: Nick Fury is talking with The Silver Surfer after Magneto has been defeated. Nick asks for ideas on how they can save the Earth, and the Silver Surfer states that they need his board. Nick asks what Doctor Doom wants with it, Silver Surfer says something about Loki and the power cosmic. With almost no chance of saving Earth, Nick decides to put in an outside call and has Agent Hill call Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman. The scene switches over to the Baxter Building where Magneto crashes through the roof and Agent Hill then calls them and says to them "This is Agent Hill from S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Fury is in urgent need of your assistance. Agent Coulson is on his way to pick up Magneto." There is no way Agent Hill, Agent Coulson, or even anyone who works at S.H.I.E.L.D. could have possibly known Magneto was going to crash through the Baxter Building roof. Magneto had only crashed through the roof a few seconds prior to the call and they had no idea the precise direction in which Magneto was falling in. Agent Hill established through the call that Coulson was already on his way over to the Baxter Building, so even if Agent Hill had seen Magneto on the floor through the call, there is still no way she could have gotten the word to Agent Coulson that Magneto was there anyway.

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Trivia: Exploratory Laboratory: When the elevator shaft collapses, Deadpool can be seen inside the lift.

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Question: When they are leaving the Baxter building, Coulson says "Are you going to tell them sir?" Then Fury says "One threat at a time Coulson" but what was the other threat?


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