Curse of Chucky

Continuity mistake: Barb's eyes are green throughout the movie, but when Chucky stabs her in the eye, the eyeball that rolls down the steps is blue.

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Continuity mistake: When Chucky pushes Nica over the balcony, the camera shows her falling to the floor on her back but when the camera zooms out on her, it shows her lying on her stomach.

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Chucky: [to himself] Women. Can't live with them. Period.



When Nica crawls to the elevator to escape Chucky, she bends her legs in order to shut the elevator door. She is meant to be a paraplegic and have no feeling in her legs.



The production attempted to keep the cameo performances of Jennifer Tilly and Alex Vincent secret. They were unlisted in the cast and promotional material for the film. However, after early screenings of the film, their cameos were leaked online.