Curse of Chucky

Curse of Chucky (2013)

Ending / spoiler

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The police find come to Nica's home to find her on the floor of the elevator after her fight with Chucky. The next scene shows Nica in court ruled guilty of the murders that occured and her being sentence to serve time in a institution for the criminally insane. The next scene is Alice walking into her grandmother's home to find Chucky sitting on the table. When Alice asks wheres her grandmother, Chucky responds "in the cellar." The scene ends with Chucky and Alice playing "Hide The Soul" and Alice's grandmother popping up from the cellar, presumably interrupting Chucky's transfer.

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Chucky: [to himself] Women. Can't live with them. Period.



When Nica crawls to the elevator to escape Chucky, she bends her legs in order to shut the elevator door. She is meant to be a paraplegic and have no feeling in her legs.



The production attempted to keep the cameo performances of Jennifer Tilly and Alex Vincent secret. They were unlisted in the cast and promotional material for the film. However, after early screenings of the film, their cameos were leaked online.