Corrected entry: When the parapsychologists are talking to the parents, Craig T. Nelson's character mentions that he is 32, and his wife is 31. And they have a 16-year-old daughter. Possible, but....

Correction: Actually, in the parapsych's interview, he says his wife is 31, then corrects himself and says she's 32. Craig never mentions his own age, but I once read that he's supposed to be in his early 40's, suggesting at least 1 kid possibly from a previous marriage.

Correction: The original submitter nullifies their own entry by acknowledging that having a child at 16 is possible.

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Corrected entry: My Spanish is a little shaky, but doesn't "Cuesta Verde" mean "it costs green"? Don't think I'd want to buy a house in a development that brags about it's priciness like that.

Correction: Actually, I speak no spanish at all, but according to freetranslation.com, it means "Green Slope"

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Corrected entry: In the beginning when Steven's TV is being affected by the neighbour's remote control, what remote control can affect a TV in another house through their wall, across the yard, through the fence, then through the neighbour's wall?

Correction: An ultrasonic controller (or whatever they're called) can do so. I remember them from the late 70, early eighties.

Revealing mistake: When the chair moves across the kitchen floor, Craig T. Nelson goes to investigate it (after it has stopped moving). He goes up to the chair and flips it over. If you look closely, Craig almost hits the camera with the chair's legs. You can tell this has happened because the camera moves up very quickly and Craig looks straight at the camera crew with very big guilty eyes. This is more easily visible on the widescreen version of the film. (00:33:30)

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Carol Anne Freeling: They're here.

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Trivia: In the swimming pool scene with the mother near the end, the actress didn't know it, but those weren't fake skeletons.

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