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Corrected entry: My Spanish is a little shaky, but doesn't "Cuesta Verde" mean "it costs green"? Don't think I'd want to buy a house in a development that brags about it's priciness like that.

Correction: Actually, I speak no spanish at all, but according to freetranslation.com, it means "Green Slope"

Anthony Chiaro

Corrected entry: In the beginning when Steven's TV is being affected by the neighbour's remote control, what remote control can affect a TV in another house through their wall, across the yard, through the fence, then through the neighbour's wall?

Correction: An ultrasonic controller (or whatever they're called) can do so. I remember them from the late 70, early eighties.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Dr. Lesh is explaining what the "light" means to the Freeling boy she calls him Tommy at one point but the character's name is Robbie. It's not that the actress got confused and called the boy by his real first name which is Oliver, so who knows where she got the name Tommy from?

Correction: You need to rewatch this scene. Dr. Lesh never refers to the kid by name (not Tommy, not Robbie or any other name).

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie, when Diane falls down the stairs and runs towards the door, she grabs the door knob. When she gets thrown backwards, you can see the cable that is attached to her shirt, pulling her back, in the first couple of frames in slo-mo.

Correction: If slow-mo is necessary, it is not a valid mistake.

Sacha Premium member

Continuity mistake: Likewise, when Carol Anne is being sucked into the closet vortex she clearly lets go of the white wicker headboard of her bed. In the next shot, the child (actually a dummy or a stunt double) is seen sailing into the closet, grasping a sizeable section of the now broken headboard.

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Carol Anne Freeling: They're here.

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Trivia: While filming the toy clown attacking Robbie, the clown's arms were wrapped tightly around Oliver's neck. He immediately said he couldn't breathe but Steven Spielberg and Tobe Hooper both thought that he was ad-libbing. When Spielberg saw Oliver's face turning purple, he realised that he really was being asphyxiated and ran over to remove the arms from his neck.

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Question: Why was only the Freelings' house sucked into the vortex? Since it was discovered that the developer only moved the headstones but left the bodies, shouldn't other houses that were also built over the cemetery have also been dragged in?

Answer: It seems that the majority of the activity was focusing in on the Freeling house exclusively. It's not fully explained why they were the only house affected, but there are a number of possibilities. Possibly because it's where the highest concentration of spirits were at unrest. Possibly because it could be inferred that the Freelings moved in first given Steven was involved with the company that built the community, and thus they became the first targets. And possibly because they were trying to get to Carol-Anne since she was an easy target.

Also, it is mentioned in the movie that Carol Anne was actually born in the house. That likely caused everything to focus on her.

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