Royal Cat Nap

Continuity mistake: In order to tiptoe across the tacks without being hurt, Tom puts a metal gauntlet on his feet. At this point, you can see the floor is completely covered in tacks, but when Jerry and Nibbles are at the same spot a little later on, the tacks have disappeared.

Continuity mistake: When Tom yells in front of the king in his bed, he has no sword on his uniform, but when he places the bed clothes over the king, the sword has reappeared.

Continuity mistake: When Tom runs up the hill with the trays of crockery, he drops the crockery and there are broken pieces on the floor. But when he runs up the hill after stepping in some tacks, the floor is now completely clear.

Continuity mistake: When Jerry is eating the cheese, Tom points his sword at him and Jerry points to Nibbles, who is off camera. The camera then pans over to Nibbles who is holding a vase. Only it's not Nibbles: it's Jerry again.

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