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[Superman and Batman walk up to Lex's receptionist.]
Superman: We're here to see Lex Luthor.
Receptionist: And you are?
Batman: ...seriously?
Receptionist: Seriously.
Superman: I'm Superman, he's... Batman.
Receptionist: Are those last names?

Riddler: Riddle me this, Batman. What wears a mask, and is unconscious?
[Batman jumps on Riddler.]
Batman: You.

Lex Luthor: Joker, can we move things along?
Joker: Oh, you're no fun to shop with, Lexy.

Joker: Ah, now you get out. You were afraid of a real fight.
Batman: Yeah. You're so scary.

Superman: Yeah, sorry, I wanted to be there for your award. Ah, oh... I mean uh, Bruce Wayne's award.
Robin: Me too. Kids weren't invited.

[Superman carries Batman by his cape.]
Batman: Not the way I like to travel.
Superman: Come on. Cheer up, sour puss.
[Superman throws Batman up and then catches him.]
Batman: Not cool.

Batman: You got dressed fast.
Robin: Well I've just started sleeping in the costume now.

Poison Ivy: What's going on?
Harley Quinn: It's a riddle.
Riddler: Oh come on! That's my thing.

Joker: You like pie, Batman? Cause I think... Ah forget it.

Joker: You like missiles, Batman? 'Cause I think they're going to like you!

Joker: You like sharks, Batman? 'Cause I think they're going to like you!

Superman: Are you... Are you asking me to help rebuild the Batcave?
Batman: No... I... I was asking Green Lantern.
Green Lantern: Uh... I don't think this is your color.

[Cyborg approaches Joker mech.]
Cyborg: Are you my mother?
Joker: Yes, give us a hug!

[Superman and Batman get in elevator. Superman theme plays.]
Superman: What's that song? Sounds familiar...
Batman: I don't listen to music.

Joker: So Lex, when you're president, can I be vice president?
[Computer beeps showing Batman in pursuit.]
Lex Luthor: ... I think we've got company.
Joker: You didn't answer my question.

Lex Luthor: You help me, and you can use the Deconstructor to your heart's content. Know anybody who has lots of shiny black unbreakable toys?
Joker: I don't know who you're referring to.
Lex Luthor: Come on! Batman... Oh... You were...
Joker: Joking! I'm the Joker.

Lex Luthor: How would you like to be out of Arkham right now and given a chance to take revenge on Batman and the rest of this ungrateful city?
Joker: Well, I'd have to be crazy to say no to that offer... Unless you're just one of the voices in my head, in which case, I'm crazy anyway.

Superman: So, saw you put a big hole in the theater.
Batman: I'll get it repaired.
Superman: I already did that. Also, I put your boat back in the water.
Robin: Hey, thanks!
Batman: Yeah, thanks.
Superman: You know, you should really try not to make such a mess while you're fighting crime.

Superman: Hey guys. Need a hand?
Batman: With what, parking?

Joker: Hey! Batlame and Slobbin. Why are you guys doing hanging around? Hah! See what I did there?

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