Hansel & Gretel

Plot hole: After Lilith kills Officer Jerry, the Sheriff goes to her bakery and finds a large blood trail leading right to him where she stashed Jerry's body. If she was going to go through the trouble to try and move and hide the body, she would have cleaned up the blood trail too, or moving the body out of site was completely pointless.


Quantom X

Plot hole: The room that the teens are kept in while being fattened up is locked up by a single, wooden, thin door with a conventional doorknob as the only lock. That door is way too flimsy to hold them. Two strong teenage boys with two girls there as well could have easily broken the door down with little effort and escaped.

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Quantom X

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John is taken down by a trap set by Hansel and puts a big hole in his back. He gets back up and is shot down by the Sheriff. As he is getting up a second time, it shows his back. There is no hole in his back or shirt before the Sheriff finishes him off. It also shows no hole or blood on his back in one shot when he is chasing with the bear trap before he is shot the first time.