Hansel & Gretel
Hansel & Gretel mistake picture

Revealing mistake: At the dinner table when Lilith and Gretel are eating lunch with Lilith's "sons", Gretel takes a knife and stabs the boy closes to her in the hand. In the close up of the hand, it looks obviously rubber. That and there is already blood under it before the knife even hits.


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Revealing mistake: The boy who escapes runs right past the Lilith son named John. John puts an arrow in this guy's back before Lilith calls him inside. As the boy gets back up to run, you can see a bulge under his shirt where the arrow is held. And as he moves, the arrow bobs and bounces around like it's super lose and not really in his back.


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Revealing mistake: The girl who breaks her knee in the beginning is taken back and the witches begin tying her up with barbed wire. As the wire is wrapped around her hands and wrists, it is obviously rubber. The wires bend way too easily, and the barbs even bend like nothing.


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Revealing mistake: The father's fiancée is killed by a machete to the neck. She is quite obviously dead. But when Gretel picks up her cross necklace, you can see her eyes closed, but fluttering.


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Revealing mistake: H&G trap Lilith in the oven and turn it up, Lilith catches on fire. You can see her skin and face begin burning and melt off. Her clothes combust. But her hair is perfectly fine up till the point when she explodes. Yet hair is very flammable.


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Revealing mistake: After the sheriff hits the other guy with his car and the arrow is pushed through him, the Sheriff shakes him after he dies. The part of the arrow sticking up out of his chest wobbles around very loosely.


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