Turbo (2013)

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Corrected entry: When the broadcasters are beginning to talk about the Indy 500, one states that it was tele-casted in over 200 countries, however the total number of countries in the entire world is only 196 (while the number is slightly debateable, 196 is generally viewed as the maximum).

Correction: According to the U.N., there are 206 states (or what the layperson would call countries). 190 states have undisputed sovereignty. While 16 states' sovereignty may be disputed by the U.N., for broadcast purposes, they would be considered their own country, especially by the announcer, who wouldn't bother explaining the nuances of a state's independence.


Corrected entry: When Turbo wins the Indy 500, Chet states Turbo has won the Indy 5000, not the Indy 500.

Dan Holloway

Correction: Chet states that because he doesn't watch racing at all. It wasn't a mistake it was him just simply saying the wrong thing, he even asks right before it if they won. This was a small joke put in at the end, that's it.

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