G.I. Joe: The Movie

Trivia: When Sergeant Slaughter and his men infiltrate the Cobra base, one Cobra minion activates the alarm. Reflected in his visor, you see the word INTRUDER. Watch closely, as just after that he is punched in the face. A visual joke was placed here, as soon as he is punched, the word OUCH goes across his visor.


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Trivia: When Pythona comes out of the river and breaches Cobra's defenses, she uses a 4 headed eel like creature to bite through the electric fence. As sparks fly, the highly recognizable sound effects used here were obviously pulled from a lightsaber duel in Star Wars.


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Trivia: After the opening battle, the Cobra base is shown. Several flying fighters emerge from it and fly off. The sound effects of these are blatantly pulled from the snow speeders in the Battle of Hoth in Empire Strikes Back.


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Sergeant Slaughter: When I'm through, scuzzbucket, they're gona scrape you off the wall with a squeegee!



In the opening battle sequence, Cobra Commander takes a bomb and sets it for 3:00 minutes. As he flies with his jet pack to the Statue of Liberty, it counts down to 2:58. He lands and places the bomb, and laser blasts hit all around him before he turns and flies off. This takes about 5 seconds to do, but the timer on the bomb stays at 2:58 for the full time of him landing, placing the bomb, and flying away.