The Internship

The Internship (2013)


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Billy McMahon: No, we can't talk about it later. The future doesn't know later.
Nick Campbell: All the future is, is later. That's literally what the future is. It's later. What are you talking about?

Jeanie: Let me call Kevin.
Nick Campbell: Jeanie... I'm sure your boyfriend's a great guy, but I'm not ready to work for someone who spent all of last Thanksgiving explaining the meaning of his tattoo.

Lyle: Can we talk about the on the line thing for a minute?

Neha: These guys won't understand. Use your muggle words.

Nick Campbell: Wh-Why did you bring me over to introduce me to this guy? It's like he was your best friend. You introduced me to Hitler.

Yo-Yo Santos: My mother hits harder than you.

Stuart: Quick interjection: When you keep saying 'on the line, ' you do mean online?
Nick Campbell: Stuart. Don't do that. You don't do that to a man. He's got a million-dollar idea right here.
Stuart: A billion-dollar idea?
Nick Campbell: Even better. Let him flow.

Neha: I've only read about this stuff, okay? Craigslist casual encounters, Twilight fanfiction, hentai.
Nick Campbell: What's hentai?
Neha: Japanese comic books where the women get penetrated by octopus tentacles.

Billy McMahon: So, we say 'no' to love?
Mr. Chetty: Yes, we say 'no' to love.

Billy McMahon: That being said, if you want something cold to drink, we'll hook you up.
Stuart: I'm ok, thank you. Just please, stop talking to me.
Billy McMahon: I'm your Bill Holden in Stalag 17.
Stuart: I don't even... I really don't get that reference.
Billy McMahon: Google it.
Stuart: Alright.

Nick Campbell: Geez, Yo-Yo, did you get beat up a lot in school?
Yo-Yo Santos: I was homeschooled by my mom.
Billy McMahon: Did you get beat up a lot in homeschool?

Billy McMahon: What the fuck, Sammy?
Nick and Billy's Boss: What the fuck me? What the fuck, you?

Nick Campbell: Why not use emacs rather than vi as the default editor for Ubuntu?

Neha: What the fuck was that?
Yo-Yo Santos: I was punishing myself for my inferior performance.

Billy McMahon: Look who grew an eyebrow, Yo-Yo.

Graham Hawtrey: Zach, eyes off the pizza, mate. God made you lactose-intolerant for a reason, yeah? So fat. So fat.

Nick and Billy's Boss: Luckily, I saw this coming, cashed out my retirement, bought a condo in Miami Beach, new tits for the wife. Silicone. It's legal again.

Billy McMahon: This reminds me of a little girl from a steel town who had the dream to dance. She had to strip down to nothing, she had to sit in that chair and arch her back and she reached up and pulled that chain to nowhere and doused herself with water.
Stuart: Flashdance? You're talking about the movie from the '80's?
Billy McMahon: You're damn right I am.

Dana: Are you talking about regret?
Nick Campbell: Well, I don't want to add not asking you out to that list, because the credit card is maxed out.
Dana: Okay, so, let me establish, you are in fact asking me out on a date?
Nick Campbell: Yes. And I figure I'm such a mountain of mistakes that going out with me just once this evening will be like packing 10 years of bad experience into, ya know, one night.

Billy McMahon: Nick? Would I be wrong to call you my brother?
Nick Campbell: Of course not, I'd do anything for my little show pony. Look at me, anything.
Billy McMahon: I need you to ice my balls for me.

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