The World's End

The World's End (2013)

Ending / spoiler

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Oliver and Peter get turned into robots. Gary reveals he tried to kill himself. Andy reveals his wife left him. Andy, Gary and Steven make it to a secret room below The World's End and are told by an alien light the reason behind the invasion. They argue with the light, who gives up and decides to leave Earth. This causes a chain reaction which deactivates all electronic technology. In the near future, Andy narrates the story to a group of survivors. The robots that were created, including Oliver and Peter, have reactivated and tried to re-assimilate back into society. Andy is back with his wife and Steven and Sam are together. In the remains of Newton, Gary and a bunch of robots enter a pub. Gary orders water and when he is refused service because of the robots, he starts a fight and yells, "I'm the King!"


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