The Great Gatsby

Revealing mistake: When Gatsby and Tom are racing (a CGI achieved scene), note that the passengers' hair barely moves.


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Revealing mistake: The doctor tells Nick to write his story and Nick says he isn't any good. The next shot shows a blue screen reflected in the doctor's glasses.


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Revealing mistake: When Nick starts talking about Gatsby to his doctor, a green reflection is visible in the doctor's glasses when the doctor says "Where'd you meet him?" There's no other object in the room that is that style of green (it's most likely a green screen).


Casual Person

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Jay Gatsby: I knew it was a great mistake for a man like me to fall in love.



During the dinner scene at Tom's, a couple of shots before Tom's phone rings and he goes to answer it, Nick's wine glass is about half full. After Daisy leaves to go to Tom and the shot cuts back to Nick, the level of wine in his glass has notably decreased, without him touching it.



The shot of Gatsby floating on the pool with the cops and journalists sneaking in is an obvious tribute to an exact shot from Billy Wilder's Sunset Boulevard.