Continuity mistake: In the bathroom after she feels sick, Jackie's wife is at the sink. After a brief conversation, another woman tells her she might be pregnant. She looks at the mirror with her mouth open as she thinks. It cuts to showing the mirror and her reflection shows her mouth closed.

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Continuity mistake: In one scene when Harrison Ford and the baseball player are talking on the field, Ford points out to his right with his cigar. It cuts to a different angle and it shows him repeat this action.

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Continuity mistake: When Jackie is being harassed by the opposing player, he gets a base hit and gets to first. The next batter comes to the plate and is left handed. The pitcher throws over, then on the next pitch throws home. Jackie steals and makes it to 3rd base, while the batter swings and misses. A new right handed batter is introduced on the next pitch.

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