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Corrected entry: During the original mission to investigate the Tet, why did the crew need to be in cryosleep? This wasn't a long range mission but a flight into orbital distance from Earth; the trip would have only taken hours, which certainly wouldn't require crew to be put in stasis. If anything, all hands should have been on deck for such a critical mission.


Correction: Because at the time of the original mission to investigate the Tet it was near Jupiter, not near Earth as it is for most of the "present" action of the movie.

Corrected entry: The day after they find Julia and Tom Cruise takes off with her to pick up the flight recorder from the ship, Tom's wife is wearing a sleeveless nightie. While she's talking to him on the comm it turns into a long sleeved nightie.

Correction: Victoria has moved up to the communications room to radio Jack, and has had plenty of time to put on a light dressing gown. Her sleeveless top can be seen underneath.

Corrected entry: When Tom goes to jump over a huge hole, he throws his torch/rifle away, but when he has crawled out of the hole (he nearly made it), the torch/rifle are with him again.


Correction: Jack throws his rifle over the gap so he has a better chance of making the jump. He then picks it up on the other side.

Corrected entry: After the drone has killed Victoria, as it enters the house, if you look at the bottom of the screen, you can see the device moving the drone into the house. This piece is not there on any other drone in the movie. (01:10:35)

Brad Premium member

Correction: The "device" at the bottom of the drone are the pipes or tubes that have just been disconnected from the maintenance device - we saw them being pulled out seconds earlier.

Corrected entry: Julia revealed that the Odyssey's mission had changed from a Jupiter moon relocation to an investigation of the Tet. Since she did not have this knowledge from the black box, she must have learned this while on the Odyssey, prior to being placed in a stasis pod - as if the first mission was still in effect. (01:03:45)

Correction: Julia told Jack while they were at the Empire State Building that her mission was supposed to be a research flight to Titan, however, 6 weeks prior to launch deep space scanners picked up an object (The Tet) and they were re-assigned to investigate. The mission changed PRIOR to launch so Julia had full knowledge of the mysterious object.

Corrected entry: Drone 109 exits the garage after being disconnected and makes its way up to Tech 49 to kill Jack and Victoria. The drone doesn't hesitate a bit to kill Victoria, so why does the drone just waste 20 seconds entering the house and approaching Jack instead of just killing him straight away? (01:10:30)

Casual Person

Correction: The drone is attempting to fire on Jack immediately, You can see the guns moving, but the drone is malfunctioning (maybe because it's not fully charged?). Before it gets a chance to recharge, Julia destroys it with the bubble ship guns.


Corrected entry: When Jack Tech 49 is in tower 52, Vicky 52 finds him and carries on a conversation with him, thinking he is Jack 52, who was just sent to fix a drone that came across the border - she lost contact with him, and being his lover she'd obviously be worried. She sees Jack 49, and sees the tattered clothes, the wound on his nose and cheek, but says nothing of it. Jack just says "False alarm." yet he obviously looks like he's been through hell and back with his clothes in their burned, shot, tattered condition, and the cut on his nose being a day old and looks it. And she just saw Jack 52 in basically perfect condition. A concerned lover alone, as well as a guardian team mate would have been much more concerned by his condition, especially with it changing in such a short amount of time so drastically after reportedly investigating a downed drone and "bogey." (01:23:00)

Quantom X Premium member

Correction: If Jack 49's exploits in the first act are anything to go by, these Techs can see quite a lot of action during a day's work. Vicky 52 is undoubtedly concerned, but it's also nothing she hasn't seen before. As she can tell he's in a hurry, and their mission so far as she knows is very important, she's likely saving her questions to be discussed over supper that night.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: How did Beech know to quote the exact same (and only) line that Jack read from the book he found in the library? He had no way of knowing whether Jack had read the book, let alone the exact stanza from a specific poem.


Correction: Because Beech watches Jack closely through binoculars, we can assume that he knows which book Jack took, and has probably had plenty of time to read it himself. That quote is Thomas Macaulay's most famous, so it's not a stretch he would go for that quote from Macaulay's book.

Corrected entry: The flight recorder from the spaceship with the cryo-pods that crash lands on Earth is retrieved by Jack and Julia in the year 2077. However, later in the film, when Jack is delivering the nuke to the Tet, he listens to the recording which took place in 2017. In a flashback, we see that the flight recorder was on the part of the spaceship that went onto the Tet. The part of the spaceship with the cryo-pods, which crash lands on Earth in 2077, has already been separated from the part of the spaceship that Jack and the flight recorder are on, so the flight recorder shouldn't be on it when it crash lands on Earth.

Correction: It would be a highly logical design, given that the ship's modules were specifically designed for separation, to have multiple flight recorders, one in each module. This would ensure that the necessary data gets back to base in the event that the primary module is destroyed or otherwise lost. With such a design, it would make sense that data transfer would occur wirelessly, so that all recorders would continue to store information even after module separation.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: How come with all the scanning done by drones, Sally does not notice it is not Julia in the stasis pod?

New Hex

Correction: While we don't know the full specification of the drones' scanners, while they can locate a lifeform from some distance, they appear to rely on visual and audio cues to actually identify a specific individual. With Malcolm concealed within the stasis pod, their ability to identify him is severely compromised. With no reason to suspect that it might not be Julia, "Sally" simply didn't look too closely.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: Where did they get the second stasis pod from used for the switch? All but one were destroyed by the drones.

New Hex

Correction: Any sensible design would include enough pods for all crew members, allowing them all to survive should a major disaster affect the ship. Thus, while the drones targeted the occupied pods, the empty pods allocated to Jack and Victoria would have remained untouched. The first pod he happens upon is labeled 01 and is empty. Through the gun scope, and once back in the tower afterwards, you see Julia's is 06. Later after he puts Julia into one, the one he drags out of the bunker is 01. And at the very end at we see the pod with Malcolm he took up to the Tet is numbered 02. So we can reasonably assume pods 01 and 02 were Jack and Victoria respectively and were not shot up by the drones because there was no one in them.

Tailkinker Premium member

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