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Corrected entry: Within the premise of the Marvel Universe and the movie series, adamantium is supposed to cut through any other metal. However, in the samurai sword fights, Logan's opponents have no problem blocking his claws without being chopped to pieces.

Correction: There are at least two explanations for this: 1. The Yakuza were secretly working for Yashida who was said at one point in the film to be stockpiling adamantium, so their swords could have been made from it. 2. Some metals can still be strong enough to withstand adamantium in that instance. For example, adamantium could cut through titanium, but not very easily and certainly not in one swipe.

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Corrected entry: Spoiler: After removing the spider-bot from his system Wolverine's healing power goes straight back to normal, sealing all his wounds and basically bringing him back to life. But when his claws are cut off near the end, his bone claws don't grow back even a fraction during the final fight.

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Correction: The rate at which Wolverine's body heals itself is relative to the type of injury he sustains. Broken bones take longer to heal than cuts, so it's possible that it could take several hours for his bones to regrow, especially during the heat of battle. This is entirely consistent with what we see in the first film after the wounds he receives from Sabretooth reappear when he transfers his healing powers to Rogue to save her life.

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Corrected entry: The Silver Samurai cuts off Logan's Adamantium claws with the super heated swords. But you can see that the cut is not all the way down to his skin. The base of the metal claw is still there with bits of the bone claw still inside. Moments later when the bone claws heal, he extends them to stab the guy. Yet his entire set of claws are fully bone. The base should still be visible as Adamantium.

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Correction: After the Silver Samurai's arms release their grasp from Logan it takes the remaining adamantium off as well. This is most noticeable when Logan is getting up and he looks at his hands and the adamantium is gone.

Corrected entry: After the samurai mech suit is destroyed, Logan is lying on the ground and begins having another delusion about Jean. During this sequence, his beard is shorter than before, and after that.

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Correction: Because it's a fantasy in his head. He's not as sweaty or beaten looking either.

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Correction: All that is known is that Wolverine is not healing like before. The spider-bot is slowing down his healing factor. He was still able to take a lot of damage in the movie, far more than a human could take. He could have enough healing factor to offset the cuts / blood.

Corrected entry: In the shot after Wolverine throws Yashida out the hole in the wall, you can see the light shining on his adamantium claws, even though they were cut off by Yoshida earlier in the movie and Wolverine had grown bone claws before stabbing them into Yoshida to kill him.

Christine Hemmi

Correction: After he throws Yashida out the hole, there is never a shot of Logan with adamantium claws. It's always his bone claws.


Corrected entry: When Logan and Mariko arrive at the hotel it's daylight, but when they get into the room it's night.

Correction: When they get into the room, it's raining outside, which would darken the skies. But we don't know how long it took them to check in. Then the scene cuts to Logan outside and Mariko in bed, so plenty of time passes for it to be night.


Continuity mistake: In the fight with the silver samurai, after Wolverine loses his claws from one hand, he takes a sword. Twice he goes to the ground, and in that shot there is no sword in his hand, then it appears again.

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Logan: I can do this all day, you twisted mutant bitch!

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Trivia: The "Stanley's" whisky bottle is a small reference to Stan Lee.


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Question: Approximately what year is the film set? The adamantium would place it after the Origins film (which I believe to be set circa 1979) in which he loses most if not all of his memories. This begs the question, how is it that he remembers WWII and the atomic bomb?

Answer: The chronology of the X-Men film series is, to put it mildly, somewhat screwed up. The first movie was released in 2000 and is described in an on-screen caption as being set in "The not too distant future", which isn't the most helpful statement, could be two years, could be ten years, who knows. The Wolverine is set about two years after the events of X-Men: The Last Stand, which is in turn about a year after the events of the first movie, so think about "the not too distant future", whatever that means, and add about three years onto that. This does mean that, yes, it is indeed set some decades after the events of the Origins movie, during which he lost his memories. It is, however, also set after a period during which he worked with Professor Xavier to regain some of his memories. It could therefore be suggested that Logan remembering his experience at Nagasaki represents that they had at least a partial success in recovering some of his memories.

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