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Red Dawn (2012)

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Continuity mistake: When the Wolverines are attempting to get "the box", the Matt Eckert character is shooting through a window. When we see his point of view, there are blinds in the way of the camera, however every time it shows the actor, the blinds are open.

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Continuity mistake: Matt is firing a machine gun from a rooftop. At one point you can see there are about three rounds left in the feed. Immediately he fires a full burst for much longer than three or four rounds would allow.


Continuity mistake: As Jed and the others are fleeing from the Koreans, they drive through a park and back onto the road. When Jed get back onto the road, the drive shaft can be seen detached from the differential on his truck, but is in one piece after they crashed into the military Hummer. (00:15:10)


Other mistake: The Wolverines football team is playing a home game, as evidenced by their opponents departing on buses, yet they are wearing their away white uniforms.

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Suggested correction: Throughout the history of the sport, many NCAA, NFL, and highschool teams have used white as their home colors. The Chiefs, Dolphins, Eagles, and Cowboys were all well known for wearing white at home during the 80s.

Jed Eckert: When I was overseas we were the good guys. We enforced order. Well, now? We're the bad guys, and we create chaos.

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