Erased (2012)

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Amy: This have milk in it? Dad, milk enzymes cause food allergies. Mom always used soy.
Ben Logan: You'd rather drink a genetically modified bean? Right.

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Continuity mistake: Ben is shown in his office and he gets off the phone with someone, saying "8:00 AM is fine, I'll be here." After the talk, he removes his head piece and sighs. You can see his right arm and shoulder are positioned so it is down at his side. Floyd knocks on the door and opens it, and the camera cuts to behind Ben. Suddenly his right arm is out stretched beside him resting on the other desk. (00:09:30)

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Question: How did the assassin, Maitland, know where and why to find Karim? and later, after Amy ran away, how did he know how to find her?

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