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Olympus Has Fallen (2013)

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Corrected entry: Towards the start, when the president and the first lady are in the limo, between shots, her seatbelt is off, then on. (00:05:25)


Correction: In the shots of the President and First Lady, facing their left, it's a bit too dark to see it, but she is indeed wearing her seatbelt. Even when she makes the comment about shaving her head, the seatbelt can be seen over her shoulder by her left arm, whereas in the other angles (overhead shots of her alone and shots facing their right side) the seatbelt is near her neck. (To confirm this I watched the DVD with my DVD player's settings on bright).

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Corrected entry: Near the beginning the Speaker and his staff refer to the lone agent as Ben instead of Mike. The President's name is Ben. Later on the staff call the lone agent Mike correctly. (00:25:00 - 01:00:00)

Correction: They are calling him "Banning", his last name, not 'Ben'. Closed captioning shows this as well.

Corrected entry: During the air attack on the White House, an anti-aircraft battery pops up from the roof, which then completely ignores the attacking plane, allowing it to fly around machine gunning everyone for a while longer until the fighter shoots it down.

Correction: The anti-aircraft battery does target the AC-130 and attempt to disable it. However, the AC-130's pilots released countermeasure flares which disabled the missiles fired by the battery.

Corrected entry: As the attack begins, a large propeller cargo plane flies towards the White house. Two fighter jets pull up beside the cargo plane before they are blown away with miniguns. The problem is that the fighter jets must travel at two to three times the speed of the cargo plane just to remain stable in flight. There is no way they could fly as slow as the propeller plane.

Correction: This is not true at all. Aside from landing, fighter jets routinely fly at lower speeds when refueling for example. They also fly at slow speeds during air shows, and are quite easily able to match speed with aircraft from the World War 2 era.

Corrected entry: How come the president is rushed into the bunker with the whole South Korean committee troop? That couldn't be standard procedure at all. You can trust your own security services, not the ones from any foreign president, no matter how dear and close.

Correction: The president orders them to be taken in. Even an agent says it's against protocol but the president just ordered and they are under attack. Not much time to discuss protocols.


Corrected entry: The president asks his son to choose a tie from a black or brown one. He gives the black one to the kid and keeps the brown one. In the next scene the president has the black tie.

Correction: He gives his son the brown tie. This could not be mistaken if you watch the scene twice. I will note that, minutes after putting on the black tie, he is in the Oval Office, wearing a crimson tie. For those checking this on the DVD, this could have been poor lighting during the filming, making us see the crimson tie as black when he was putting it on.


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