Upside Down
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Adam: Up-top, they always win, And down-below, we always fail.

Adam: I was naive to think that I can change the world. You know up there, they always win. And down here, well we always lose. So I guess I just go back to my life, to my world. And I'll try here, Down Below, to do my best. But I will never, ever forget her.

Bob Boruchowitz: We're 90 percent water, right? So I've combined upper and lower inversion with a hyper infusion, yeah? Yeah.

Adam: Gravity, they say you can't fight it. Well, I disagree. What if love was stronger than gravity.

Adam: Look, if I could use Transworld and... and Aunt Becky's pink powder just to... I don't know, just give my life some kind of hope... then I'm gonna do it.

Continuity mistake: Eden's hand and arm positions change between shots during the final scene in the movie, when she is kissing Adam.

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