The Trouble with Angels
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Mother Superior: This is a Catholic school Mr. Gottschalk.
Mr. Gottschalk: Band uniforms are non-sectarian.

Rachel Devery: Couldn't we have uniforms, too, Reverend Mother?
Mother Superior: Most certainly not. The band will perform in their gym suits.
Rachel Devery: Our gym suits?
Mother Superior: Yes.
Mary Clancy: But, they're awful! I mean, it's not as if they were like Sacred Heart's. At Sacred Heart they wear short-shorts for gym.
Mother Superior: They're French.

Mary Clancy: I've got the most scathingly brilliant idea.

Mother Superior: Well, it is the point, not the vernacular, that is important.

Mary Clancy: Hi, Marvel-Ann.
Marvel-Ann Clancy: Drop dead.
Rachel Devery: Who's that?
Mary Clancy: Marvel-Ann. My uncle George is her father. He's been sending her to the nuns since she was six. I told her she was illegitimate, so she hates me.
Rachel Devery: Is she?
Mary Clancy: Lord, no! Uncle George is very careful about that kind of thing.

Rachel Devery: You know, that nutty swan looks just like Sister Elizabeth.

Mother Superior: As for the social graces, I'm convinced that your school encourages barbarism and concerns itself only with free thinking, free wheeling and finger-painting.
Mr. Petrie: The finest educational minds in the country happen to be on our side.
Mother Superior: God is on ours.

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