Continuity mistake: From the moment Helen walks into Julie's bedroom, while Tod hides under the bed, to when he gets the camera, things in room repeatedly change between shots; for example, the blue and white blankets. (00:11:10)

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Continuity mistake: When Kevin sings the delightful diarrhea song in the van, Taylor holds the burger in her left hand, as she chews on the hoodie string held in her right hand. Next shot, she eats the burger held in her right hand. (00:05:50)

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Continuity mistake: On the drive home from the baseball game, as Kevin sings the diarrhea song, Karen wears the seatbelt, then does not as it pans from the back to front seat, and does again in the next close-up. (00:05:45)

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Continuity mistake: When Kevin finds out that Cowboy Dan is not coming, in the shot from the front his hat's chin string is behind his shoulders, but in shots from behind, the string is under Kevin's chin. (00:58:50)

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Continuity mistake: When Tod has spoken to Gary and tells Helen he is "one messed up little dude", she sighs and her shoulders slump but the very next shot has her hands on the counter edges and she's staring straight ahead.


Continuity mistake: When Taylor is in the play she shakes her hat down, but in the next shot her hat is back on her head.


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Revealing mistake: When Nathan walks into the classroom singing, the center sliding glass door on the back bookcase is closed in the initial overhead long shot, but in the tracking shots that door has been pushed to the side, so as not to see the reflection of the camera/crew as Nathan walks up the aisle following the camera. (01:42:15)

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Julie: I can't do this! This is too intense.
Helen: This is marriage.

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Trivia: Director Ron Howard's real-life daughter, Bryce Dallas, is the redhead girl in the audience during the play.

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Question: Is the timeline in this movie supposed to be somewhat non-linear? For example - in the scene where Karen and Gill go to Kevin's school to talk to the principal and psychologist, it is specifically mentioned that the new school year is 4 months away meaning it is approximately April since kids typically began school in August. Later, when Larry comes to visit and is talking to the dad in the garage, he mentions the Super Bowl (which you reasonably would have assumed they just watched) but that takes place in January. Plus, Larry's mom tells them that Cool (Larry's son) has just finished eating lunch. How? If they just watched the Super Bowl, it would be dinner since the game is always played in the afternoon. And despite being in "St. Louis" (we know they actually filmed in Florida), it never seems to be winter. The end is really the most confusing with the birthing order. We learned earlier in a scene that Karen is pregnant and is due in February. At some point around this time, we find out that Julie is also pregnant. At this point, Julie's mom Helen has just gone on her first date with Mr. Bowen (Garry's biology teacher) but the end, Helen is having a baby, Julie and Tod's baby barely looks a month old and Karen's baby looks to be about 4 months old. Did Helen marry Mr. Bowen immediately and get pregnant right away?

Answer: The movie is being told in a linear timeline. You have just about all the information right! I think the one thing you are letting throw you off is your assessment of the Super Bowl. You are surmising that they had just watched the game that day, but my assessment is that they are talking about the game from months ago (bearing in mind that Larry has not been around for years and has not seen his father since the last Super Bowl). My belief is the movie takes place in May. That would add up with Kevin's next year of school being 4 months away as schools usually start in September, and the math also works out with Karen's February due date. This would also explain your concern about the weather. As for Helen's baby, it is not made clear whether or not she married Mr. Bowman, nor does it really matter for timeline purposes, but they consummated the relationship not long after the first date and she got pregnant.


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