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Continuity mistake: When Kevin Spacey is rushed into the hospital after collapsing, the medical people rip his shirt off to apply ice bags. In the next shot they are stuffing ice bags up under his intact shirt. (01:15:25)

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Continuity mistake: As "Sandman" is making its bombing run, the bomb door is opened - in the next side angle shot of the plane, the door is shut again. (01:56:00)

Outbreak mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Throughout the film, Maj. Casey Schuler's hair is dyed strawberry blonde. In the scene where he convulses from being infected with the virus and is rushed to an available hospital bed, his hair color changes to his natural dark locks. In his death scene a few minutes later, his hair color is back to being strawberry blonde.

Continuity mistake: The bomber approaching the town is military green in all scenes but one. One shot, however, is of a bright yellow plane. If that's just the sunlight, then note that a minute and a half later, the plane (which has supposedly been approaching from the same direction) now has sun shining on its right side rather than left. (01:51:20 - 01:52:40)

Continuity mistake: Two Humvees rush toward hospital; an old lady in a pink top is hit by the first Humvee which fails to break sufficiently. She is OK in the next camera shot.

Factual error: When the camera is panning through the different rooms of USAMRIID it exits out of BSL-3 and as it does a female technician takes her breathing mask off before she opens the door. This is supposed to be the highly infectious room that tests things like Anthrax or H.I.V. yet this woman not only takes her mask off she's not even quarantined or decontaminated.


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Mrs. Pananides: I have a friend in the Coast Guard, all I have to do is call.
Sam Daniels: How close a friend?
Mrs. Pananides: Closer than his wife would like.

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Question: I never understood how, like in this movie, after they leave the lab of infectious viruses, does being sprayed down with hot water prevent them from being infected once they take the suit off. Can someone explain that to me?


Chosen answer: They would be sprayed with an antibacterial solution, and it is to prevent any contagion clinging to the outside of the suit from being transferred from one source to another while the protective gear is being handled.


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