Outbreak (1995)

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Factual error: When Sam Daniels and Casey are walking to the BSL-4 lab we see the shoulder insignia on Casey's coat are silver oak leaves. Silver oak leaves are the insignia of an O-5, Lieutenant Colonel, but Casey is supposed to be an O-4, Major (which would be represented by gold oak leaves). The only possible explanation is that Casey was promoted after the trip to Zaire, however this is extremely unlikely; if he were promoted to O-5 he would likely be given his own crew and no longer a member of Daniel's staff. (00:23:10)

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Suggested correction: It's a guess with no basis of fact.

Character mistake: Salt states that the range of their Hughes OH-6A helicopter is 400 miles. The actual range of this model is 267 miles. (Source: FAS.ORG).

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Suggested correction: The FAS site lists 4 different ranges, but according to Boeing's own website, the range was 413 miles.


Suggested correction: The range of the OA-6 is 380 statute miles.

Factual error: The suits worn by dangerous disease researchers would definitely never tear if the hose was pulled.

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Question: When they are viewing the virus through the microscope, we see its shape is like a long strand, sort of coiled up at one end and uncoiled at the other end (think cobra rearing up). That structure seems too complex to be a virus. Are any viruses really shaped like that?

Answer: Yes, the fictional virus would be a filovirus similar to Ebola. These are filament shaped virus that can coil up.


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