Trivia: In 2013, this became the first film since 1989's Driving Miss Daisy to win the Academy Award for Best Picture without also earning a Best Director nomination.

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Trivia: When Tony gets out of his car at the airport to fly to Tehran, the real Tony Mendez makes a cameo passing by him with his family. (00:45:35)

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Trivia: In the real-life Argo operation, Studio Six was so convincing that they continued receiving scripts, including at least one from Steven Spielberg, several weeks after the operation ended and the studio "closed."

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Trivia: The airport scene that shows the group board and takeoff in a Swissair 747 was in reality a Swissair DC-8, tail number HB-IDL and was named "Aargau." It went on to fly with Capital Air/National Airlines and finally with Airborne Express before being scrapped in 2003.

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