The Cold Light of Day

Other mistake: When Will is in the club and Lucia's friend is checking his wound she feels around to see if the bullet is still inside his body. She says the bullet is not there so cauterises the wound. Will does not have an exit wound so the bullet must, therefore, still be inside.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Will is wounded and riding on the back of a moped with Lucia, Jean steps out of her vehicle to try and shoot Will. At this time, she is wearing her black sunglasses as she points a pistol at Will. A Spanish cop steps in the way, and she can't take the shot. Her glasses are still on. In the next shot with her, she is watching them ride away and she looks disappointed, sunglasses still on. Shot cuts to Will and Lucia escaping, and then back to Jean. Jean is still in the same position with same look on her face, but suddenly she is not wearing her sunglasses. She shakes her head and says "Lucky" while putting on her sunglasses now, as if for the first time. (00:48:35)

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Jean Carrack: You're scared, and scared people holding guns in my face... That scares me.

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