Resident Evil: Retribution

Other mistake: When Alice pushes in the new magazine, she doesn't pull back on the slide, meaning the gun doesn't have a new bullet in the chamber, thus is unable to shoot.


Other mistake: Alice and Ada blow up the NY Taxi in a huge fireball but don't get effected by the fireball despite being only 3-4 foot away from it. (00:36:40)

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Other mistake: When Jill orders a sweep of the corridor with the laser grid, the lasers almost catch Alice, and the camera changes and the grid is much further back giving her time to escape into Tokyo. (00:18:00)

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Continuity mistake: When Alice knocks over the giant Licker in the Rolls-Royce, the driver's side of the car remains completely undamaged. Unlikely, but for the rest of the chase there are four giant scratches across the rear of the car. (00:51:10 - 00:52:05)


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Alice: My name is Alice, and this is my world.

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Trivia: Oded Fehr's name was kept out of the credits in an attempt to keep his appearance a surprise to filmgoers after his character's death in the third film. Unfortunately, the surprise was ruined as he was heavily featured in much of the promotional material.

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Question: How can they use the elevator to get to the surface if the Red Queen shut the power down?

Answer: She must have had trouble in keeping control of the elevator's power as the impact of the explosion blew out some of the windows and the sea came rushing in.

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Answer: The force of the water moved the elevator up the shaft, hence why it did not go all the way up.

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