Resident Evil: Retribution

Other mistake: When Alice pushes in the new magazine, she doesn't pull back on the slide, meaning the gun doesn't have a new bullet in the chamber, thus is unable to shoot.


Continuity mistake: When Alice knocks over the giant Licker in the Rolls-Royce, the driver's side of the car remains completely undamaged. Unlikely, but for the rest of the chase there are four giant scratches across the rear of the car. (00:51:10 - 00:52:05)

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Alice: Ada Wong. Operative for the Umbrella coorporation and one of Albert Wesker's top agents. Now the real question is: Why don't I just cancel your contract right now?

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Trivia: The footage of the T-cells Wesker injects Alice with is reused from Resident Evil: Afterlife, only in that one, it's the cure for the virus.

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