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8.8/10.Here they take Alice's super powers away from her which I liked the idea.She should be struggling against the undead not killing them with ease.If anything it places her back in a vulnerable state that she hadn't been in since the first movie.I found the scenes showing Alice seemingly acting like a typical mother amusing, a gotcha to the audience.Sure some people were getting bored by this point but not me.If anything I liked it seeing Michelle Rodriguez brought back in as she was great in the original.It's never dull.


Continuity mistake: Outside of the corridor of light sequence, nobody ever seems to run out of ammo, or bother to reload, most notably Ada and Alice.


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Alice: My name is Alice, and this is my world.

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Question: What happened to Chris and Claire Redfield? They aren't even mentioned in the film.


Chosen answer: They might bring them up in the next movie. Jill Vallentine was also lost for so many movies.

Anastasios Anastasatos

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