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Corrected entry: During a scene when Anthony and Dr Pool meet in Mr Provalone's living room, Dr Pool tells Anthony that he can tell he's from Middlesex New Jersey (or something like that) from the way he speaks and from his accent and yet Anthony hasn't said a word since he entered the house and they've never met before, so Dr Pool has never heard Anthony speak.

Correction: There's nothing in the movie that indicates that Anthony and Dr. Poole have never met. In fact, the familiarity Dr. Poole shows with the household (knowing Aldo by name, describing Lisa's "nicely rounded diphthongs"), and how both Lisa and Sofia speak of Poole as if they know him, shows he has been a regular guest in the Provolone house. He and Anthony could easily have met at an earlier occasion, but never had the time to sit down and engage in conversation.


Other mistake: After Nora leaves with the wrong bag, Snaps calls the Underwood home to ask someone to come over and switch them back. Later, Nora herself returns and Aldo makes the switch for her. Then the Underwood chauffeur comes to trade the bags, and Aldo does this for him. But Aldo would've known that Nora had already retrieved the correct bag, so why would he change them back?


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Dr. Thornton Poole: Aldo is a treasure trove of linguistic anomolies.

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Trivia: Ornella Muti plays Marisa Tomei's mother in the film, even though in real life she's only nine years older than Tomei.

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