Spud (2010)

4 mistakes

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Factual error: The light switch in the dressing rooms, when John is getting ready to exit, shows a new type switch that was only brought out after 2005. The switch is by the clothes rail.


Continuity mistake: When the crazy 8 go for their first night swim, they are dry when they get to the chapel on the way back, yet when they get into their dorm, they are semi-wet.


Revealing mistake: When John gets his "birthday wishes" from the crazy 8, you can see he is wearing a black pair of jocks under his sleep shorts.


Factual error: The outside light by the sick bay is a new energy saver light, which was not in existence in 1994.


Mr. 'The Guv' Edly: Women! Cant live with them. Cant ship them off to Zimbabwe.

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