Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Corrected entry: After the expedition first meets the king, he says to Kida that 'a thousand years ago you would've killed them on sight', but then a few scenes later, Milo calculates that Kida must be only 100 years old.

Correction: Actually, he "That must make you 85-8800 years old." He was saying that Kida is somewhere in her thousands. And either way, this is just Milo's theory, which could very easily be wrong. Kida's age is never stated in the film.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Milo is explaining all the things that had to be done and put in storage for him to be able to attend the expedition, he finishes by asking, "My cat?" At that point his two year old Persian cat named Fluffy jumps onto his shoulder and he takes the cat in his hands. The next shot that we see of Milo his hands are on the desk and the cat is nowhere in sight, if he had time to toss the cat to the ground, we probably would have heard a little bit of a protest from Fluffy that his/her (I'm not sure which) owner had tossed him indignantly to the ground and had only paid attention to the animal for a few seconds.

Correction: Fixed in the DVD. Milo's cat "slides" off his arms to the floor, then Milo puts his hands on the desk.

Corrected entry: The Leviathan blew up the main submarine, and all that was left were two small missiles. But the characters end up having an amazing amount of equipment from that small space - three trucks, a metal crate, tents for everyone, and a huge blimp, to name a few.

Correction: Half-right. A few transport subs, like the one Milo was in, got out as well, so although i'm not sure about the blimp, Mole's digger, and maybe even the trucks, the other items could easily fit in the subs.

Corrected entry: In the scene in which Milo is trying to get the fish vehicle started for Kida, Milo starts reading the inscription on the vehicle, from left to right, moving his finger along. But "Atlantean" for the movie was designed in the "boustrophedon" style (written in a horizontal line, running alternately from right to left and left to right). So the logical way to start reading the inscription, would have been to put his finger on the right side and start reading from there. (00:57:00)

Correction: The first part of the inscription may have been unimportant, like maybe it said "To Get The Giant Fish Started, Do The Following:.", so Milo skipped it.

Corrected entry: Several times during the movie, it is obvious that the clothing worn by Milo and a few others has zippers included by the sound effect that is heard. Yet, if the movie does take place in 1914, that isn't possible since zippers were not used in clothing worn by the common public until the 1920's.

Correction: You're forgetting, they AREN'T the common public. It's the military, which had zippers on their clothing before then. The part where Milo is zipping down his fly isn't a mistake, because, due to most of the supplies destroyed on the sub, he may be wearing military clothes.

Corrected entry: Mr. Whitmore tells Milo the crew that is to go in search of Atlantis is the original crew that went in search of the Shepherd's Journal. However, when the crew are all talking at bed time (when they invite Milo to join them), Audrey says she had never met Milo's grandfather. In Mr. Whitmore's photograph, Milo's grandfather is standing at the back of the photograph.

julie sheridan

Correction: Audry didn''t go on the expedition to find the Shepard's Journal. She explains that she got the job after her father retired.

Corrected entry: When Milo refers to the "missing page" in the Sheperd's Journal, he looks at the right side of the book, then flips the page to look at the left. There is no space for a missing page.

Correction: Milo looks at the front and back of the same page to check if the information of the crystal is on one page or the other.

Corrected entry: When Milo is vomiting over the boat he loses his glasses but when they go back to him he has his glasses back.

Correction: As Milo vomits, you can see the glasses fall off his face, but if you look carefully you can see that they seem to land right back on his nose, They never actually fell off his face.

Corrected entry: Why is it that all of Rourke's troops wear an air mask, yet the air in Atlantis is obviously quite breathable?

Correction: They probably feared disease. Their attitude throughout would pretty well confirm their distrust of foreigners.

Corrected entry: Early in the movie, a tank containing coelacanths is shown in Whitmore's office. However, the movie is set in 1914, and at that time no living coelacanths had been discovered. A single specimen was found in 1938, and another in the 1950s. Only recently have living coeleacanths been observed in their own deep-sea habitats.

Correction: This was deliberate on the part of the animators. In the audio commentary on the DVD they mention this in contex with Whitmore having a number of other inccredible artifacts such as the Holy Grail.

Corrected entry: In the beginning, when the giant crystal is sinking the city, Kida drops her doll. When she goes to get it, her mum pulls her back, kneels down and tells her that "There is not enough time". It would have been faster to just get the doll, but the mum wastes ten times the amount of time to tell her not to.

Correction: Character mistake, not a movie mistake.

Corrected entry: In the beginning Michael J. Fox's character tells us how the phrase "Coast of Iceland" was misinterpreted by others as "Coast of Ireland." He shows this with the phrase in both English and Altantian on a blackboard. But if they mistook the C's for R's, the phrase would have been as "Roast of Ireland."

Correction: Milo's quote is that ONE of the characters was mistranslated. The original rune as shown on the blackboard (which is not Atlantean - it appears to be a runic Nordic dialect) shows that the character is the same for both the C in "Coast" and the C in "Iceland". The C in "Iceland" was incorrectly translated as an R, but the C in "Coast" was correctly translated the first time.

Continuity mistake: In the beginning scenes, where Milo Thatch is practising his proposal, he slides over (face forward, chest against the board) a chalk drawing of a map detailing the location of Atlantis. When he realises he wiped off the drawing, and sees it on his clothes, he stands in front of the blank part of the chalkboard, "filling in" the space with the map that rubbed off on his shirt - the only problem is, that the image should have rubbed off backwards as he was facing the board when it transferred to his clothes. He could not simply stand in the place of the missing map face forward and have it read properly.

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Mrs. Packard: Attention: tonight's supper will be baked beans; musical program to follow... Who wrote this?

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Trivia: Similar to how "The Lion King" was accused of stealing material from "Kimba: The White Lion", this movie also has ties to another Japanese program of the same nature. Have a read about "Nadia - The secret of blue water" and you will see similarities between the sets, character designs and plots. Here is one link, there are many more out there about it:

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Question: During the attack of the fireflies, with the bridge and the vehicles, especially the digger, crashing down, why weren't they strong enough to wake up the dormant volcano?

Roman Curiel

Answer: They weren't an explosive force of giant magnitude.

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