The Double

Stupidity: There is a scene about a null hypothesis proving Cassius is the killer. Nearly everything is wrong in this scene. Statistically, you never prove a null hypothesis true. (01:23:11 - 01:24:22)

Continuity mistake: During the car chase at the port, Paul shoots the police car, breaking its driver side glass. In the next scene, when the police car drifts, it can be seen again in its original shape. Immediately after that, it is gone again.


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Natalie Geary: Let me welcome you to our humble commode.

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Trivia: Despite relatively high billing in the opening credits, Stana Katic only has about five minutes of screen time.

Cubs Fan

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Question: Why does the phone call Topher Grace makes after the killing of the "brother" of the prostitute seems to lead him to believe that Richard Gere is Cassius? Whose number is he calling?


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