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Corrected entry: Peter grabs an electric driver to unscrew the metallic door handle off the door so he won't get a static shock when he opens the door. But how did he remove the metallic cover to get to the screws without actually touching it? You cannot remove the cover armed with just an electric driver.

Correction: In the scene when he goes to remove the door handle, it cuts from him holding the electric drill to finishing undoing the handle and knocking it off so we don't know how he exactly removed it. Just because he didn't like touching doesn't mean he didn't or wouldn't touch it to remove it.

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Corrected entry: Peter tells the consultants that he takes the side door to avoid Lumberg, but he walks through the same entrance as him in the beginning of the film.

Correction: Peter NORMALLY enters through the side door. He doesn't ALWAYS enter through the side door. Besides, going through the front door at the begining is a plot device to add to Peter's misery at work. Alternatively, that may have actually BEEN the side door, and Lumburgh happened to go in through that door that day too.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Peter skips work and Lumbergh calls his answering machine 17 times, Peter is playing back the messages and deleting them as he goes but sometimes he hits the bottom button of the machine and sometimes he hits the second to last button on the machine. (00:24:50)


Correction: Yes, he does hit two different buttons, but in the first clip of the machine showing the number of messages, you can clearly see that the first button he hits is skip, the second is delete. This isn't that odd of behavior when Lumbergh is being really annoying.

Corrected entry: When asked what he would do with 1 million dollars, Peter is holding a bottle, and the next shot, it's gone and his hand is flat on the armrest.

Correction: He's put the beer down on the table beside him.


Corrected entry: When the guys go to the party for that injured fellow, and he shows them his "jumping to conclusions mat", it has a spot labelled "loose 1 turn" instead of "lose 1 turn."

Correction: While this is true, several comments are made about the mat being a stupid idea and it being a prototype. This misspelling is probably just another reminder of what a bad idea it is.

Corrected entry: When Tom is having the party at his home, Samir & Michael are talking to his lawyer. The lawyer says he has a client in Minimum Security Prison. If he was Tom's lawyer in the case where he was hit by a drunk driver, wouldn't that make him a Prosecuting Attorney, not a Defender? I realise lawyers can switch sides, but how often does it really happen?

Correction: The "mistake" confuses a state prosecutor or district attorney with a private attorney. State prosecutors are government employees and (while they are employed by the government) can only prosecute criminal defendants. Private attorneys (like Tom's lawyer) represent defendants in criminal courts and plaintiffs and defendants in civil courts. Most private attorneys who have individuals as clients represent all of these parties all the time. Tom's lawyer clearly represented Tom in a civil case and the other defendant in a criminal case.

Corrected entry: Following on the previously submitted mistake about the MacOS and the C: prompt, when Michael is loading the penny-fraction program he is using a Mac but his hand is on a two-button mouse, which Macs don't have.

Correction: You can hook up a two button mouse to a Mac computer.

Also, Mike Judge has said that he deliberately mixed features of computer software and hardware so that the characters aren't seen to be using a specific kind of computer system. So this is probably a deliberate mistake.

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Continuity mistake: During Tom's BBQ when Michael Bolton and Samir are asking Tom's lawyer about prison you see Michael lose grip and drop his cup with a piece of ice hitting Samir in the head. When the ice hits him he's holding the cup in his left hand but when the camera angle changes the cup shows up in his right hand. (01:01:30)

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Peter Gibbons: So I was sitting in my cubicle today, and I realized, ever since I started working, every single day of my life has been worse than the day before it. So that means that every single day that you see me, that's on the worst day of my life.
Dr. Swanson: What about today? Is today the worst day of your life?
Peter Gibbons: Yeah.
Dr. Swanson: Wow, that's messed up.

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Trivia: Director Mike Judge wanted the story to be able to take place anywhere, so the state is never specified. Even the license plates on the cars are stateless.


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Question: What song is playing at the way beginning, you notice it first when Milton says something about how he's going to be late again, and everybody is just starting to arrive while Milton is still waiting at the bus stop. It's kind of jazzy- swing-ish sounding.

Answer: Mambo 8 by Perez Prado.

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