Corrected entry: After James and the Yo-Yo assassin fall into the water, one of them is eaten by a crocodile/alligator. We see the arms of the victim being pulled under and he has sleeves. This must be James, as the Indian had no shirt on.

Correction: Soon after Bond is eaten by the alligator, there's a shot of Q on the bank where he was fishing. The alligator pulls up next to Q and Bond pops out. It was just an invention, not a real alligator.

Factual error: In the balloon scene it seems like Q can circle around and land on a spot where he flew past previously. A balloon can only fly in the direction of the wind.

Jacob La Cour
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M: Remember, 007, you're on your own.
James Bond: Well, thank you, sir. That's a great comfort.

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Trivia: The "blink and you'll miss it" part of Smithers (Q's assistant who triggers the powerful door-slam) is played by Jeremy Bulloch. Only worth noting because we see his face for once, as he's most famous for a part where he wears a mask - Boba Fett in the Star Wars sequels.

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