Nutty Professor II: The Klumps

Factual error: In the scene with the giant hamster, the hamster is making squeaking noises. These unique noises are actually made only by guinea-pigs, not hamsters. Hamsters don't make any sounds at all. (01:14:45)

Factual error: In the scene where Professor Klump comes into Denise's classroom while class is in session, he is making his way through a bunch of students trying to get to a vacant seat. On stage, the shadow of Klump goes across the viewing screen as if he is walking through the projection of the overhead projector. The problem is, the overhead projector can be seen on stage with Denise, so how could Klump have walked through the image?

Continuity mistake: When Papa Klump becomes younger the first time, he goes to the club. He orders a drink of seven and seven, but when the woman touches his leg and he stands up the drink looks like water. (00:54:15)

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