A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas
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Kumar: Hold the fuck on, Reba. Your son can rub his ass on Santa's cock in a minute.

Harold: I thought smoking weed was supposed to stop fertility. That's why I quit.
Kumar: Yeah? Well, tell that to Snoop's kids.

Harold: I shot Santa in the face! He's real! And I shot him in the face.

Wafflebot: They serve pancakes in hell.

Neil Patrick Harris: Look, don't be alarmed... but I'm gonna squirt some lotion on your back in about... 35 seconds.

Wafflebot: Would you like a waffle, Mr. Harris?

Wafflebot: I hate pancakes.

Mr. Perez: The tree is a cancer, Harold. We have to get rid of it before it kills Christmas.

Harold: Koreans have killed his mother and now his tree. Christmas is ruined.

Kumar: Uh, miss, I'm sorry, but I'm not going to let you rape my friend on Christmas Eve.

Kumar: I haven't shaved since you left. Pretty romantic, right? Like Ryan Gosling in "The Notebook."

Maria: Fuck a baby into me.

Harold: You still haven't explained the gay thing.
Kumar: You're not gay, motherfucker.
Harold: At all.
Neil Patrick Harris: Yeah that's something us magicians like to call misdirection. Just a little something I picked up from my man, Clay Aiken.
Kumar: What? Clay Aiken's not gay?
Neil Patrick Harris: Are you kidding me? Clay's the biggest coos hound I know. That guy gets mad gash.

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the film, protesters chase Harold through downtown traffic until he dives into his friend Todd's vehicle; whereupon the protesters urinate on Todd's windshield and splatter fecal matter across his driver's side window. For several scenes thereafter, the fecal splatter repeatedly changes shape, orientation and quantity on the side window, actually gaining mass in some shots.

Charles Austin Miller

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