Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill (2011)

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Continuity mistake: When Felipe is telling Jill that he loves her, the level of their heads changes every shot.

Factual error: Jack and Jill claim to be identical twins, but it is impossible for a male and female to be identical twins. They must be fraternal.

Continuity mistake: As Jill ascends the staircase, the frontal shot of her niece shows the niece's doll in the center of her chest, while the scene from behind the niece shows the doll canted to her right. This is shown several times as the scene shifts.


Continuity mistake: At the Thanksgiving dinner scene Jill is explaining her and Jack's secret language, and says that clappa means left. However at the end of the movie during the New Year's scene Monica is approaching her with a bottle from the right side and Jack says "Pokey clappa", at which Jill throws up her right arm to knock out Monica.

Gary Sadelstein: What are you gonna wear Daddy... in hell?

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Trivia: Originally, the production wanted Starbucks to be the company featured in the film, but Starbucks refused to be associated with the movie in any way. As originally scripted, Al Pacino would have done his rap about the Starbucks "frappuccino" drinks. The production then managed to land a deal with Dunkin Donuts as a backup plan, and they re-wrote "frappuccino" as "dunkacchino."


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