The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn

Trivia: The newspaper where Barnaby leaves his fingerprints is Le petit vingtième, an inside joke to the children's supplement newspaper where Tintin's adventures were first published.

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Trivia: The portrait that Tintin sits for at the start of the movie is a perfect rendition of how Hergé drew him in the books. Also if you note as Tintin gets up to leave, many of the characters from all of the books Hergé wrote are in a big collage in the background.


Trivia: Steven Spielberg was originally going to make this movie a live action movie with Snowy computer generated.

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The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn mistake picture

Trivia: The cartoonist at the start of the film is Tintín's creator Hergé.

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Trivia: During the title credits, a rocket can be seen in the background of one shot. This is a reference to the book The Adventures of Tintin: Destination Moon.


Trivia: When Tintin opens up the brochure about the Sheik, the picture of the Sheik is director Steven Spielberg.


Trivia: The film did not do well in the United States because the comics are almost unknown in America.

Trivia: This was the first non-Pixar film to win the Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Picture.

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