Moneyball (2011)

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Corrected entry: The phone handsets in every shot are Cisco 7940 which are VoIP handsets. This technology was not available in 2002.

Correction: This entry is incorrect. VoIP was actually introduced in 1995. In 1996 it became the new choice for commercial use of telephones. The Cisco 7940 was actually released in February of 2002. You can actually check the first update to the firmware which occurred in May 2002.

Corrected entry: Billy Beane says to his boss "we're being gutted, we're losing Giambi, Damon & Isringhausen. Done deal." In the very next scene Billy Beane is on the phone to Giambi's Agent and loses Giambi. The scenes are in the wrong order.

00:05:45 - 00:07:25


Correction: Its not Giambi its Damon who's agent calls, he says John and says the offer he got is from Boston where Damon ends up signing Giambi ends up on the Yankees.

Corrected entry: When they show Billy Beane as a young prospect, then advancing in the Major Leagues, he's batting right handed (which is the true as he did bat right handed). When they show the photo of Billy when he was a kid, he's holding the bat like a lefty, suggesting he swings left handed.

Correction: He was a switch-hitter. Your entry lacks continuity.

Corrected entry: Billy Beane is wearing a wedding ring, but there is no indication in the movie that he is married.

Correction: Surely the presence of a wedding ring is a clear indication that he IS married. Just because the movie doesn't touch upon his marriage doesn't mean that he can't BE married (the real-life Billy Beane is), it's just that the fact of his marriage has no bearing on the story being told.

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Billy Beane: There are rich teams and there are poor teams, then there's fifty-feet of crap, and then there's us.



When Beane takes his daughter to look at guitars, she plays and sings Lenka's "The Show", a single which wasn't released until 2009, despite the movie taking place in 2002-2003.



Although it isn't shown in the film, Billy Beane managed, by using Paul DePodesto's sabermetric analysis, to get thirteen of the twenty players he wanted in the 2002 amateur draft. At the time, this was unprecedented; no GM before had ever finished the draft with more than six of their top choices, and most GMs are lucky to even get their top two or three choices.