Colombiana (2011)

5 mistakes

Factual error: When Cattleya escapes through the sewer drain and winds up in front of the U.S. Embassy, she uncovers the manhole all by herself. Impossible for such a young child to do.

Plot hole: When Don Luis escapes from his house in the black van he does a high-speed turn out the drive-way and the whole van slides sideways. A few minutes later when he is on the phone he turns to see the 2 dogs sitting behind him. If the dogs were in the van while it was sliding sideways they would have been thrown around the back of the van and would definitely have made some noise, so he would have known they were there.


Other mistake: Cataleya shoots a photo of the CIA agent with President Bush in his office through bulletproof glass. The window glass gets punctured and the glass of the photo frame breaks, but there is no bullet hole on the photo.

Revealing mistake: When she shoots the Ponzi scheme guy into his shark pool, the shot where he is seen from the side and sharks in the background, the shark can be seen in the glass part, but not in the water part between the man's arm and the glass piece.

Factual error: The beginning of the movie is set in 1992. The father gives the daughter an SD card. SD cards were not on the market until 2000's. The only portable media cards available were Compact Flash and Smart Media, which are much larger. She later swallows it for safekeeping which she wouldn't be able to do with earlier cards due to size.