Jack and the Beanstalk
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The Giant: And who might you be, tiny one?
Jack: J-J-J-Jack.
The Giant: J-J-J-Jack?
Jack: No, j-just Jack.

The Giant: Goose! Come back with my princess! Princess! Come back with my goose.

The Giant: Fe, fi, fo, fum.
Jeremy Keen, Proprietor: For a great, big giant you're really dumb.

Jeremy Keen, Proprietor: We must rescue her.
Jack: But how? He took the key with him.
Jeremy Keen, Proprietor: Well, it's an old saying: love laughs at locksmiths.
Jack: I don't get the joke.
Jeremy Keen, Proprietor: You will when you grow up.

Jack's Mother: Jack, where have you been?
Jack: Out. And up.

Factual error: When Jeremy and Jack climb the beanstalk and arrive on the clouds, it starts to rain. Where is the rain coming from?

Gavin Jackson
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