Conan the Barbarian
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Conan: Run from me... and I will tear apart the mountains to find you! I will follow you to Hell.

Conan: No man shall live in chains.

Corin: When a Cimmerian feels thirst, it is a thirst for blood. When he feels cold, it is the cold edge of steel. For the courage of a Cimmerian is tempered: he neither fears death... nor rushes foolishly to meet it. To be a Cimmerian warrior, you must have both cunning and balance as well as speed and strength.

Conan: I live, I love, I slay, and I am content.

Continuity mistake: When Marique summons the Sand Soldiers to attack Conan, a punishing blow knocks Conan completely off his feet and arcing straight backwards through the air. The camera even cuts to show the arc from slightly different angles and follows Conan almost to the ground, where he will certainly land flat on his back. But, at the point of impacting the ground, the camera cuts again and Conan lands face-down.

Charles Austin Miller

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