3,000 Miles to Graceland

Continuity mistake: During the car chase scene between Courtney Cox with Kevin Costner in pursuit, there is at least one instance where Cox's car has been smashed on the sides, then the very next shot has the sides of the car in pristine condition.

Continuity mistake: When Franklin is shot and they are dragging him to the helicopter, in one shot they are dragging him backwards, and in the next shot he is facing forward, then it changes to backwards again.

Continuity mistake: During the shots between the shootout and the Elvis show, the showgirls seem to lose head-dresses often between takes. One shot, they are dancing with them, then the next shot, they have none.

Continuity mistake: As the five Elvises walk into the convention it is supposed to be at the Riviera Casino, but you can clearly see the overhead light show which is in the old downtown on Fremont street.

Continuity mistake: When the crew escapes in the helicopter it is a Huey N model (you can tell by the rounded nose and twin exhaust.) When they throw Franklin's body out, the shot from below is of a JetRanger.

Continuity mistake: When Kevin Costner is riding in the stolen 59 Caddy and talking to the Biker riding next to him it is easy to tell they are on a sound stage instead of actually moving down the highway.

Continuity mistake: When Kevin Costner kidnaps the kid, he points with his hand at the right side to show the kid the yellow beetle. But when the viewer gets to see the beetle, it is on the other side. (01:41:45)

Continuity mistake: Murphy and Cybil are buzzed into the antique store - any door with that kind of lock will have an automatic closing mechanism, to keep up the security. Michael is able to walk in later, when everyone is dead or gone. No buzzer.

Continuity mistake: During the scene where the kid and his mom are being chased by the Wombat truck, they show them both wearing their seat belts. When the car is struck and goes up on its side, the kid slides all the way over into his Mom, he's not wearing his belt, but when we see the car again on all four wheels the kid is again wearing his safety belt.

Continuity mistake: When the kid is shaving in the bathroom, when he hears the noise of the guys he wipes off his face and hides, but when they show him hiding in the shower you can see shaving cream on his face in the shape of a side-burn.

Plot hole: How could the police miss finding Cybil in the trunk of Michael Zane's car when it was in an impound lot? They would have definitely searched the car if he was found in violation of a federal offence (for carrying the weapons). Even if they didn't do a search, they would certainly have heard the sounds that Cybil would have made from being locked in the trunk.

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Murphy: Ever been to Reno? Get your bubble gum.

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Trivia: The detectives mention that only two of the claimants to be Elvis's children were found to possibly have a case. One of these applicants was Kevin Costner's character. When Zane (Kurt Russell) gets to his boat he says it's the only thing his Daddy gave him - and we see Zane moving a gold record. Was he the other claimant?

david barlow

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