A Nightmare on Elm Street 4

Revealing mistake: After her brother's death, there is a scene in which Alice starts practicing with her brother's nun-chuks. They never show the real actress doing the tricks; instead, they cut to an angle from behind her and show a double who has darker, shorter hair than the real actress and is a bit bigger.


A Nightmare on Elm Street 4 mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When Alice is being blown towards the cinema screen, she grabs hold of one of the cinema chairs. You can clearly see she is actually holding a handle which is on top of the chair. This is blatantly visible when she lets go of it and flies off.


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Revealing mistake: When Shelia is dying, Alice is trying to help her, but she is 'thrown' to the floor. Then there is another shot of Shelia, and you clearly see a pulse in her neck, although she's meant to be dead.


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Revealing mistake: When Kristen is crawling on the ceiling in Freddy's house after falling through the sand, her hair is still plastered against her head, neck, and shoulders, not hanging down making it obvious that the crew shot the scene upside down.

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Revealing mistake: After the truck has its collision with nothing, the chain yanking it backwards is visible.


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In the scene where the souls are coming out of Freddy's chest, in the first close-up on the bottom left of the screen you can see a man's hand holding a black stick to manuoever the little arms. It's real fast but noticable on standard play.



Check out the nurse that wakes Kristen up at the school infirmary. It is Robert Englund, out of his Freddy make-up. After Kristen wakes up, it is a different person.