Perrier's Bounty
Movie Quote Quiz

Michael McCrea: You off the drink?
Jim McCrea: Just have a yen for some java, man.

The Mull: Well done, man. What the fuck was that about?
Michael McCrea: I wouldn't like to say.
The Mull: And I wouldn't like to hear you say, cos that'd mean you'd a big fuckin' mouth.

Clamper: You're illegally parked.
Orlando: Take it fucking off.
Clamper: Once it's on, man, it doesn't come off, unless you pay the fine. Then, if we've time.
Lar - clamper 2: ...which we may well not.
Clamper: Correct. May be a delay even after you pay. A day, man, could be as much as two. Do you get it?

Jim McCrea: Is he dead?
Michael McCrea: Man, what the fuck do you think?
Jim McCrea: What do I think? I think you need to dispose of the body.
Michael McCrea: The wise man advises. You gonna help?
Jim McCrea: I wouldn't be makin' the suggestion otherwise.

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