Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Other mistake: In the cave, Angélica steps out of the water and in the close-up of her face her hair is dry, and even drier in the following close-up.

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Other mistake: In the mutiny scene where the cook is torched, the distance between the long boat and the Queen Anne's Revenge increases when the cook is only shown paddling away after the QAR turns towards it.

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Suggested correction: These movies aren't set in a specific time.

Credit for the following goes to another member here, Super Grover, who actually answered a question about the dates the films are set a while ago. These dates are estimates. The intro of 'PotC: The Curse of the Black Pearl' takes place mid-1720s (roughly 1725), when Will and Elizabeth are around 11/12 yrs old. Then eight years later the duo are about 19-20 yrs old during the main part of 'The Curse of the Black Pearl', then around a year later are set to marry in 'PotC: Dead Man's Chest' followed by the consecutive 'At World's End', which take place around 1733 / 1734. The next movies 'PotC: On Stranger Tides' and 'Dead Men Tell No Tales' (after the intro) take place in the 1750s. Again, credit to Super Grover.

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They're set in the 1700's. In "On Stranger Tides", King George wants Jack to find the Fountain of Youth before King Ferdinand, who reigned from 1746 - 1759.


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Jack Sparrow: Captain, I wish to report a mutiny. I can name fingers and point names.

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Trivia: When Philip comes to the defense of the mermaid that was captured by saying that she has a name, Blackbeard asks him to say what it is. Philip responds that her name is Syrena which is spelled similarly to sirena, the Spanish word for mermaid.

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Question: After Phillip frees her, why did Syrena then go to find the chalices and give them to Jack Sparrow? She could have just left and taken Phillip with her.

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Chosen answer: She most likely went to stop the ritual, she probably didn't want her tear to be used by the likes of Blackbeard. She knew that Jack would use it wisely.

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