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Soul Surfer (2011)

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Corrected entry: After Bethany gets bitten by the shark and she is taken to the beach, they roll her over onto the other surfboard. When the brother comes back from calling 911, he and and the father get ready to lift the board on the count of 3. If you look carefully and closely, you can see AnnaSophia reposition herself on the board. She lifts her butt a little and moves further onto the board.


Correction: Bethany is not paralyzed, so there is no reason she couldn't reposition herself on the surfboard by lifting her butt up to move over a little bit.

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Bethany Hamilton: Love is bigger than any tidal wave, or fear.



When they get to the beach to surf the windows in the truck are left open, but after the shark attack Byron comes running back to call 911. The windows are now closed, so he has to throw the rock at the window and get the cell phone.



The real Bethany Hamilton has a cameo appearance in the scene in Thailand when Bethany and Sarah are handing out food. She is holding a box of supplies and wearing hat, and she walks across the screen at the beginning of the scene.