Carry on Henry

Trivia: Peter Rogers at one stage planned to cast Harry Secombe in the role of King Henry VIII.

Trivia: During production, peppermint was used for the garlic that Joan Sims' character, Queen Marie, eats during the film. But on one occasion, director Gerald Thomas replaced the peppermint with real garlic. Watch for Sims' obvious reaction when she eats it.

Trivia: The Bearded Torturer is portrayed by Dave Prowse, who later became famous as the Green Cross Code Man and Darth Vader in the first three "Star Wars" movies.

Trivia: Singer David Essex had half a day's work on this "Carry On" as a page boy, but his performance sadly ended up on the cutting room floor during the editing stage of the movie.

Trivia: The coat worn by Sid James in this film is the same one worn by Richard Burton in "Anne of a Thousand Days".

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