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Corrected entry: After Atreyu kills the Morg a huge storm hits Fantasia, ripping boulders and giant trees into the air. So how is it that the tiny sapling Atreyu is holding onto stays in place?

Correction: Because it is a story in a book, along with giant racing snails.

Soylent Purple

Corrected entry: When Atreyu finds himself on the beach he's supposedly thousands of miles from when he started his journey, but if that's true then how on earth did Rockbiter end up all the way out there too?


Correction: This is not a plot hole, because when Atreyu meets the Rockbiter he tells to Atreyu how he tried to hold his friends and nothing took them, it had to be a violent storm just like when Atreyu fell down from Falcor.

Corrected entry: When Bastian enters his school, it can be easily identified as a modern concrete building. But the attic where he reads the book is (or rather, should be) that of an older building (1950's or even older) - no modern edifice of that size would use old wooden rafters, walls and roofing.

Correction: This is purely an opinion. There is no evidence provided to corroborate it.

Corrected entry: Towards the end of the movie, the thunderstorm where Bastian is smashes the window. Later, when he goes to the window to shout out the Empress' new name, the window is intact.

Correction: Two windows are shown when the storm gusts into Bastian's attic: one has two panels and blows inward, another is a single panel with nine panes that shatters. Bastian runs to the open window.


Corrected entry: If Falcor is a flying dog and can fly 10,000 miles or whatever it was, then why did Atreyu have to run past the 2 golden statues that shot lasers out of their eyes. Why didn't Falcor just fly him over it?

Correction: He needed to go directly through the statues by himself in order to reach the other statues. It was a test of self-worth and he needed to pass it, or he wouldn't be able to complete the next test.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie when Bastian is on Falkor chasing the bullies, they fall down in a pile of garbage and you can see a close up of an orange dumpster. In the next shot, you see them running further down and hide in the dumpster.

Correction: If you check this again you will see that one of the boys cannot keep up with the other two and stumbles in to the pile of trash and the other two bullies seek refuge in the same Dumpster they loved to put Bastian in so many times before.

Corrected entry: Morla tells Atreyu that the Southern Oracle is 10,000 miles away. When Atreyu wakes up at Engywook and Urgl's house, Falcor tells him he has brought him 9,891 miles towards the Oracle. Then we see Atreyu walk from the house to the Oracle in only a matter of minutes, as Engywook watches him through the telescope. But he should still be 109 miles away - there's no way he could walk that far that fast.

Correction: While the 10,000 miles was accurate, Atreyu even asks if Falcor took him the whole 10,000 miles, that's the distance he would have had to travel on foot. Generally when people talk about how far away something is, they're talking about the distance they have to travel, which is rarely in a straight line. Falcor says, he only took 9,891 miles, but then adds "as the dragon flies." This is the same as saying "as the crow flies." New York to Los Angeles might only be 2,450 miles apart, "as the crow flies", but the distance you drive might be 2,900 miles. That means Atreyu was lucky that he got to travel in a straight line.


Correction: Morla is rounding up - it sounds better (and more imposing) to say "10,000 miles" than "9,896 miles exactly". Besides, this is a medieval fantasy setting. Accurate measuring by surveyors is not something that is usually done. Most people would deal in estimates, Falcor seems to be the exception to this.


Correction: The gold sphinx pair are not the Southern Oracle - they're the first gate to the Oracle. The Southern Oracle are the blue sphinx pair. Atreyu passes through two gates on the way there, with numerous cuts in between. The second gate has a blizzard going on whereas the weather is clear at the first gate and Oracle. Hence, it's reasonable to assume there's some distance between the two gates and the Oracle.

Correction: An individual's perception of fluctuations in someone's voice does not constitute an error in a movie unless it was specifically stated that the character was supposed to have a specific accent.


Continuity mistake: Atreyu rests by a stream and his horse walks over to nuzzle against him. The horse does not have a proper girdle to hold the saddle on. Later, when he's riding across the sandy desert, the horse does have a broad girdle.

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Engywook: To the winch, wench.

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Trivia: Atreyu's character was originally supposed to be green-skinned, as it was in the book. However, it didn't look too believable on film, and thus the green skin was scrapped.

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Question: When Engywook explains the Magic Mirror Gate to Falkor, he says that the mirror shows a person their true nature. Brave men are cowards. Kind men are cruel. When Atreyu looks into the Magic Mirror Gate, why does he see Bastion?

Answer: Atreau is the main character of the book (like Bastion is to us watching the movie) this makes them the same, the main protagonist or the "story" It's a 4th wall break inside a 4th wall break. The Empress even tells him "he is sharing all your adventures, others are sharing his."

Answer: Atreyu, as the main character in this story, is the reader's avatar in Fantasia. Atreyu sees Bastion in the mirror because, so long as Bastion is reading the book, he and Atreyu are one and the same.

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Answer: Bastian is Atreyu if he were not afraid, while Atreyu is Bastian, a scared boy, inside. Bastian has connection with Native Americans as we see in the beginning of the story with the book cover.

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